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Well I haven't updated in like 2 months. This does not come as a surprise to me. So, heres a brief rundown of the last 2 months.

Saw Video Games Live in London, which was pretty damn cool. They played a lot of great songs and it was very well done.

Got addicted to Eye of Judgment, and now run my own website for it. It's a great game!

Started reading The Wheel of Time, by Robert Jordan (who died like 2 days before I started the first book, apparently). The series has 12 books (the last one isn't out till 2009 for some reason), and I'm already up to the 7th. It may be the best series I've ever read.

Picked up Assassins Creed, Mass Effect and Super Mario Galaxy. Assassins Creed and Mass Effect were both awesome, and I finished both of them.
Assassins Creed probably has the smoothest animations I've ever seen in a game. Everything flows perfectly into the next animation regardless of what you are doing, and it all looks great. The game is a lot of fun, and I can highly recommend it.
Mass Effect is just awesome all over. The combat is sort of an RPG-enhanced version of Gears of War, theres a huge amount of freedom in the game, and the entire game world seems to adapt seemlessly to the choices you make along the way.
Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with Super Mario Galaxy. Ignoring the fact that the camera is horrible, which in turn causes the controls to suck, the entire thing feels like it is on rails. I didn't play it for very long before I just plain got bored of it, which is a shame because I was really looking forward to it.

Aside from that, I've just been working. So yeah. Thats the whole interesting story.

This will most likely be the last update I do this year, so, Merry Christmas everyone.



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