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God dammit

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Well, I had this whole post typed up about Heavenly Sword, which I just finished, and then my browser crashed. So heres the extremely abridged version.

The combat is fun for the most part, and its very shiny. There is some nice variation between standard combat and some shooting stages, and the shooting areas make cool use of the PS3 controllers tilt sensors.

The voice acting is fucking abysmal throughout the entire game, with the exception of the main character. Everyone else sounds either retarded, inbred or just plain rediculous. The main bad guy in the game is voiced by Andy Serkis, for the love of god.

The game is pretty short (about 6 hours, I think, though I wasn't really keeping track), but I'd say thats just about the right length for the game - anything longer and it would have started to drag a little.

So, if theres anyone out there who has a PS3 and doesn't have Heavenly Sword yet (the number of which I could probably count on my fingers), you could find worse ways to spend your money.

In other news, all of the TV Shows I mentioned in the previous couple of posts continue to be awesome. Bionic Woman didn't wow me to start with, but I enjoyed the last episode I saw so I'm gonna keep watching it for now.


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